Vision and strategy

RSA is a leading international general insurer operating in three core regions: UK and Ireland, Canada and Scandinavia.

RSA is a leading international general insurer operating Scandinavia, Canada and the Uk & International (including Ireland, Middle East and European branches). We are one of the world's longest-standing general insurers, providing peace of mind to individuals and protecting businesses from risk for more than 300 years.

Today, we are proud to be a customer-focused, agile and resilient business, with strong regional brands and an emphasis on operational and performance improvement.

We are seeking to transform RSA with the ambition of best-in-class performance in all our markets. See our 2020 annual report to find out more. 

“Insurers are the original data scientists - that is what actuaries do - and capability development through technology and data remains at the heart of our efforts.”

Stephen Hester RSA Group chief executive

What makes RSA different

A balanced portfolio: We have complementary leadership positions in the major general insurance markets of Scandinavia, Canada and the UK, together with our international business. We are well balanced between personal and business customers, across our geographies, product lines and distribution channels. This scale and breadth help us manage the impact of volatility on the Group more effectively.

Best-in-class ambition: We have an outward looking, high performance culture, aiming to consistently invest in our people and their development. The collective drive of our workforce supports our ambition and potential to continue improving and benchmark alongside the best in our chosen markets.

Brand quality and customer franchise: With over 300 years of experience, we have developed trusted and recognisable brands in our markets, supporting our strong customer franchise.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to concentrate on the regional insurance markets where we are strongest and sustain a platform of financial strength that enables our ambition. We do this though a focus on improving operational delivery and investments in our people and capabilities.

1. Products that protect our customers: Our business is built around our customers. We constantly challenge ourselves to serve them better and address their evolving needs.

2. Efficient multi-channel distribution: Efficient access to our chosen customers is key to continuing to develop our business. We distribute our products in two ways: directly to customers, and through brokers and affinity partnerships.

3. Understanding risk and pricing appropriately: To make sure that our prices and terms are accurate, competitive and sustainable, we are always working better to understand the risks our customers face.

4. Proactively managing claims: We are committed to settling claims quickly and smoothly. We carefully manage our indemnity spend to keep the cost of claims efficient.

To serve customers well, we need to be resilient ourselves. This means having a strong capital base and being well reserved. Those funds are prudently invested in low risk assets, and reserves are available to pay claims when the worst happens. 

We are well placed to support customer and industry needs now and in the future.

What levers are we pulling at RSA?

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How we're always working to drive performance at RSA

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