Corporate governance

The Group functions within a robust governance structure to operate a well-managed business, ensuring that the Group and its legal entities comply with all relevant legislation and regulation in each of the jurisdictions in which it has a business operation

The Group’s system of governance comprises three elements:

1. Corporate governance framework: how the business is managed;

2. Risk management system: how risks are identified, measured, managed, monitored and reported; and 

3. Internal control system: the controls behind the corporate governance framework and the risk management framework.

The purpose of the system of governance is to ensure the safety and soundness of the Group and its key entities.

Our system of governance is fully described in our latest annual report and accounts.

UK corporate governance code

The UK corporate governance code (the Code) sets out standards and expectations on corporate governance matters for UK companies. The Group nomination and governance committee monitors compliance with the Code.

Key features of the Group’s compliance with the Code are set out in the latest Annual Report and Accounts.

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