Diversity and inclusion

RSA thrives when our colleagues feel completely comfortable bringing their best self to work

That’s because, when every one of our colleagues feels respected and valued for their unique potential, we’re even better able to understand and meet our customers’ needs.

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RSA thrives when our colleagues feel completely comfortable bringing their best self to work.

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Celebrating difference

We promote inclusive culture and behaviours that will make our offices, call centres and meeting spaces places where difference isn’t just valued and respected, it’s celebrated! Here are a few examples of what we’re doing:

  • RSA Balance, RSA Families, RSA Reach and RSA Building Pride are our Employee Resource Groups for employees who want to get more involved in building diversity and inclusion at RSA.

  • RSA was one of the first UK insurers to sign up to the Women in Finance Charter.

  • We are also signatories to the Race at Work Charter and a part of the Valuable 500.

  • We've signed the the Inclusive Culture Pledge with EW Group to continue to build an inclusive culture and embed a D&I lens into our people processes.

  • Building Inclusive Cultures training helps our colleagues recognise the impact of unconscious bias and equipping them with tangible ways to be more inclusive.

We all have a big part to play

Diversity and inclusion doesn’t come about through policies and committees. We all have a big part to play in promoting positive, inclusive attitudes and working practices and it can be as easy as just taking a few minutes to find about more about your colleague.

“My favourite story about diversity and inclusion at RSA is one I heard about a group of managers in our Halifax office who wanted to show their support for their Muslim colleagues who were fasting during Ramadan. So they decided that they would fast for a few days too. They came out of the experience with a better sense of what it was like to be fasting while at work, as well as a better understanding of the reasons behind it. It was a simple gesture that showed they really cared and it was received incredibly well. “

Maren Burrowes
Diversity and inclusion lead, RSA UK and International