Pricing roles at RSA

Fancy trying to evaluate the theft risk associated with the latest model of electric car? Or predicting the impact of lockdown restrictions on pets’ health? Or modelling the risk of transporting marine cargo across the Indian Ocean?

Have a passion for working with data?

We have roles and opportunities that could suit anyone with a passion and curiosity for working with data and numbers in a dynamic environment.

We’re looking for people with a talent for investigating data, spotting trends, and drawing powerful insights that can improve the experience of our corporate and personal customers.

What we do in pricing

Pricing sits at the heart of our business. Having the right pricing strategy is critical to the successful delivery of our products and services to our millions of customers, ensuring that we can provide our customers with the cover they need at prices that both offer good value and deliver great commercial results.

At RSA, pricing is all about finding creative solutions to complex problems. Our pricing teams get involved in a variety of activities including modelling, analytics, forecasting, product development, system change, testing and innovation. We use different software and techniques to investigate data trends and build predictive models, including the latest machine learning and data science methods.

But pricing isn’t an exact science, and whilst theoretical and technical skills are important, the ability to apply judgement and sound reasoning to support great decisions are key qualities that we look to encourage and develop in all our people. And underpinning all our work is a desire to create positive customer outcomes that help make insurance as straightforward as possible.

Meet the team

Leon Jones

Leon Jones - Pricing and Exposure Management Director

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